red light camera ticket

Red Light Camera Tickets

Lately there has been so much confusion about having your picture taken by the red light enforcement project. Most drivers are curious to know if in fact they are still in effect; which ones are the ones that still are eligible to take your photo? According to our professional knowledge, some cities have taken the initiative to deactivate their cameras, while others have not. Keep in mind that mainly the cameras that are positioned by public transportations such as buses, trains, and even city colleges are usually in full effect. Just because the car isn’t registered under your name, doesn’t mean you can ignore the citation and it will go away. Majority of the time the registered owner is the one who receives the citation under his/her name, and is the responsible party who has to take action to avoid license suspension or further legal consequences. If you have further questions, take a moment to call one of our professionals here at Traffic Ticket Target for a free consultation.