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Speeding Tickets

In the Vehicle Codes, there are so many different types of speeding violations. Some contain points, some do not, some can cause suspensions, and some may be considered as a criminal violation. Why try to deal with it yourself when you have Traffic Ticket Target ... >>> Read More

Running a Red Light

As long as your vehicle entered the intersection before the light turned red you are not in violation of the red light traffic law. Trying to explain that to the officer who is writing your citation is almost next to impossible. Red light offenses are usually one point violations on your ... >>> Read More

Red Light Camera Tickets

Lately there has been so much confusion about having your picture taken by the red light enforcement project. Most drivers are curious to know if in fact they are still in effect; which ones are the ones that still are eligible to take your photo? According to our professional ... >>> Read More

Lane Violations

There are way too many laws and regulations when it comes to maneuvering your vehicle in and out of lanes. The general public usually just remembers the most common ones which is - you cannot cross a double solid yellow line. Those are mainly the ones you see that is ... >>> Read More

Traffic Sign Violations

There are hundreds of different traffic signs which increase the chances of us violating them. This is a very common thing to do, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Unfortunately, if you are found guilty, it is a point against your driving record. At times, doing the ... >>> Read More

Overweight Load

An overweight load ticket may cause temporary suspension and even lead to permanent suspension of a commercial driver’s license. Every state has a maximum load limit that commercial trucks can carry at a certain period of time. As a commercial driver, it is your ... >>> Read More

Log Book / Equipment Violations

Every commercial driver in the state of California is required to keep a logbook that is updated within the prior 24-hour period. Failing to maintain your logbook up to ... >>> Read More

Correctable Violations

Correctable violations are usually simple things that can be fixed; hence, described by the phrase "fit it ticket.", e.g. car registration, window tints, proof of insurance, broken tail light, et. These are all matters that, while simple, cannot be ignored because they are still ... >>> Read More

Seat Belt ("Click It or Ticket") / Cell Phone ("Hands Free")

Getting a citation for not wearing your seat belt or not operating a hands free device is a non-point violation with a low fine if it’s your first time. However, even these ... >>> Read More


So forgetting a court date with our hectic day to day schedule is normal. We are after all only human. However, the court in which your citation is issued will attach what’s called a "Failure to Appear" to your citation. This will increase the amount of your fine and put a hold on ... >>> Read More


Just because you have a warrant out for your arrest doesn’t necessarily mean the authorities are looking for you to take you into custody. Just like there are multiple reasons why you may be issued a warrant, there are also multiple types of warrants. You can have a bench ... >>> Read More

Driving with Suspended License

If you are caught driving with a suspended license don’t be surprised or shocked when the officer notifies you that he/she will be impounding your ... >>> Read More

Hit and Run

When you leave a scene of an accident after you have struck any property or a person and have failed to provide any type of identification, it is very likely that you will be faced with what's called a "Hit and Run" offense. The state of California has two types of hit ... >>> Read More

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is considered a major violation because of the risks involved. There are multiple ways you can be convicted of reckless driving. For example, you can be following another vehicle too closely (tailgating) or riding on only your rear tire (popping a wheelie), if you ... >>> Read More


There can be several red flags that make it obvious for the authorities to stop you for a DUI. You can be swerving in and out of lanes, leaving your turn signals on for a long period of time, driving extremely slow due to paranoia, etc. Once you are stopped by law ... >>> Read More


You can be assigned a DMV Hearing by the Department of Motor Vehicles for several different reasons, including if you have accumulated too many points on your driving record in a specific period of time or if you were involved in an accident and failed to provide ... >>> Read More


Are you planning to handle your traffic citation yourself? Did you spend hours researching and looking up traffic laws so that when you go to court you can prove the ... >>> Read More


When it comes to our driving records, we all have a past that we wish we did not have. People always assume that citations, DUI’s, and accidents, don’t stay on their record ... >>> Read More