Will a Traffic Ticket Affect Employment?

A traffic ticket Traffic Ticket and Employmentcould very well affect a person’s employment, especially if a driver’s license is required as part of their employment.  The types of individuals who require a valid driver’s license for their jobs include those who are CDL truck drivers, taxi drivers, bus drivers, delivery drivers and any other person who drives a vehicle as part of their job.  All individuals who require a valid driver’s license for their job should always be concerned about their driving records, especially if ever convicted of a traffic ticket.  Fortunately, there is help for those who get a traffic ticket: a traffic lawyer can assist you with properly handling your traffic citation, so hopefully you do not have to worry about getting in trouble with your employer.

Employers who hire employees to drive for them will most likely check their employee’s driving records before being hired and even during employed employment.  Employers have the right to do so, especially if you will be driving their vehicles.  It’s not only legal for employers to verify their employees driving record, but it is certainly a very smart employment practice for them, as well.

In all reality, employers can terminate an employee for any reason they choose, with the exception for any of those prohibited by law.  Examples of such motives consist of gender, disability, race and religion.  California for instance, is an at-will state, and this means that employers do not have to give a reason as to why they choose to terminate an employee.  Also, there are employers that choose to have contract written between them and their employee, which may very well state specifically reasons they may terminate when it comes to driving their vehicles for their protection.

It can be very difficult for any employee who is given a California traffic ticket simply because if it happens during working hours when using a company vehicle, do you tell your employer or not?  Well, this why talking with a California traffic attorney right away is strongly advisable for those who need their driver’s license for their job.

For CDL truck drivers they can be even at greater risk even with one traffic violation.  Many insurance companies do not want CDL truck drivers to have one traffic conviction on their California driving records.  Unfortunately, one traffic violation can be enough for a CDL truck driver to lose their job.  It can be very devastating for them when driving a truck is what pays their bills.  In any case where a commercial driver receives a traffic violation, you don’t want to hesitate because your future can be at stake if the violation is not taken care of.

Protect your rights and your driving record especially if you need your driver’s license for your job.  You do not ever want to put your job in jeopardy over a traffic violation.  Just give one of our successful expert California traffic attorneys at a call right away to get a free consultation (Toll free: 844-No-Ticket: 844-668-4253).