Can I Legally Clean Up My Driving Record?

Clean RecordThere are several different ways you can clean up your driving record. Most people think the obvious; such as, not getting traffic tickets, or getting in trouble with the law. That can be the most common answer. But what about for the rest of you who are not looking for such a common answer?

According to the law of the State of California, traffic citations remain on your record for 3 years and 3 moths, that’s if you do not qualify for traffic school, and if you have not tired a traffic ticket specialist (Attorney) to assist you with keeping that point off of your driving record.

When it comes to more severe situations like; DUI, Reckless Driving, Hit and Run, Exhibition of Speed, and etc… The three years and three months rule does not apply. Depending on the terms and conditions on the final outcome, violations such as those can remain on your driving record for up to 10 years along with causing your insurance premiums to rise as high as 60%.

Majority of you automatically assume that once these types of citations have served enough time haunting your record that they just come off, vanish in to thin air, disappear. We hate to give you the bad news but that is incorrect. What is true is that the points on your record do come off once their time has expired, but the violation still remains. This is why most of you get shocked when it’s time to renew your insurance policies & your history is still haunting you in the “Clue Report?”

There are specific solutions attorneys can take to remove violations off of your record. It’s not an easy process and will not be done overnight, but it is possible. For further details or to get a free consultation with one of our team members about possibly doing some “Spring Cleaning,” follow the quick easy steps in our website, and allow us maintain your high reputation.